Friday, September 13, 2013

New Bumper Stickers



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snopes For Religion

I've made a habit, among my friends online, to research those silly and sometimes frightening warnings that get passed around on the web. You know the ones ... "Don't join a particular Facebook group because it's run by pedophiles" or "Dial 112 when getting pulled over by the police" or "Eating this rare herb guarantees permanent weight loss." Many of these urban myths and hoax messages have been perpetuated online for years, first by email, and now through social media. has done a terrific job of either verifying or debunking these messages ... and sometimes it's a mixture of truth and untruth. Sure, it's possible that the unmarked car pulling you over is impersonating a police officer, but it's rare, and you should always dial 911 for an emergency in the US. It's amazing the lengths that Snopes goes through to verify a story - even going back to hard copy newspaper articles. They are thorough, and they stick to the facts.

It occurs to me that religion could use the same medicine. If Snopes had been around eons ago, maybe - just maybe - these superstitious anomalies would have been thwarted. All of the myth, legend, superstition and hearsay might have been stopped in its tracks. Today we have science which discounts every fable in the holy texts of the world. Today we have Reason, logic and methods previously unknown in humankind.

Today's science is yesterday's mystery. Mankind has outgrown the need for religion, but unfortunately it is so ingrained upon our consciousness that many have a complete inability to escape from its grip. Science is utterly open for contest, proof and update; where most religion is steadfast in its resolute adherence to the "unerring"  past. It is almost shocking to consider how far man has advanced in spite of the various religions of the world.

The great mystery for me is why man has not completely abandoned world religions to the dustbin of time?How, in the presence of science, medicine and advancement of society, have we not created a world for ourselves that is vastly superior to the one in which we live? Religion? War? Our mere consciousness, I believe, dictates that we grow up and leave these barbaric behaviors behind us, to amaze our ancestors with the same incredulity that we give the Maya sacrifices.

We are better then this.

Friday, April 26, 2013

My America

I am proud to be an American. Not boastful, but humbly proud. I was raised to be humble and proud of my country. To respect our Constitution, our flag, our president, our anthem. I spent years in the Boy Scouts and years in the military. I have spent my lifetime learning and working to support my family in an average house on an average street in an average town. I have traveled the world. I've seen things that brought tears to my eyes, both from desperation and magnificence. And all of this - the totality of life experiences - surely confirms one thing; that I am proud, humble, and so very fortunate to be an American.

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