Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Beautiful Equation

I was watching a documentary by Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist who deals daily with equations that are very long and complex. He mentioned [heavily paraphrased from memory] that he'd love to discover the tiny, perfect equation for the universe, holding his thumb and forefinger about one inch apart. He said, "It will be beautiful in its simplicity." This is how I feel about Deism.

The "revealed" religions man has developed over millennia, do much to describe how we should live our lives, physically, morally and spiritually. But they are extremely complex and riddled with superstitions, fables, hypocracy and contradictions. Deism has none of that dogma. It's astounding in its simplicity!

One Deist Φ


julian said...

Hello OneDeist... This the UU Deist from Texas.

I stumbled on your place here a couple of days ago and really enjoy what you write.

Just beautiful, amazing stuff. I'm afraid I'm not nearly the deist evangelist that you are but merely tell stories of my life from a deist perspective.

Please do keep up the good work. I'm really glad you came back to your blog after such a long hiatus.

blessings to you,
~ jules

OneDeist said...

Hello Jules,

I too have enjoyed reading your blog. Always very interesting.

Thanks for the kudos - it means a lot to me.

Take care,
One Deist Φ