Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God's Antithesis

As a Deist, I believe God created the universe. Every day I am awed and inspired by His amazing work. God’s divine task placed in motion the opportunity for this planet, along with you and I, to exist. We are reminded of His power when any living thing pro-creates, thus further developing and carrying on a new generation of the work God began.

I can’t imagine a greater antithesis for God, than killing in the name of God. Taking another life is a horrible crime, but to justify and rationalize doing such a horrendous thing in God’s name certainly puts it at the pinnacle of egregiousness. So many lives wasted and cultures lost at the hands of those who would force their beliefs on others.

If your Holy Scriptures contain any words to the effect that you are justified in killing those who oppose your beliefs - or those who don't worship as you do - do you not have the common sense to question those sacred texts? Think about it - I know it is ingrained into you, as it was me. To question those beliefs, which you may have had your entire life, might be difficult initially, but it can be done – there is a better way.

Taking another human life is diametrically opposed to our Creator.

One Deist Φ


Anonymous said...

Glad to find you my fellow Deist friend. Let's learn from one another.

I've learn something on my journey before I became a Deist. By observing the laws of mathmatics I found the infinity symbol and notice you can't put a number on it and claim it as one. I see GOD as an Infinite deity that we cannot confine to a form or number. I believe the religions today have this problem because they are confinining GOD to a form or number and putting him/her in a book and this is where all the confusion comes into place saying I have the only ONE true GOD when in all reality you can't confine GOD to a form or number.

One Deist said...

Interesting concept.

Indeed, we humans do tend to put parameters on everything. Our perceptions, though, are infinitely small, and God is infinitely large. Any man who ever has - or ever will - attempt to describe God, communicate with God, or interact with God, is utilizing every facet of the imagination that God made possible for our mind. It is pure fantasy.

Our use of the term "one true God" merely supports man's own selfish and petty desires. "Well, my God says so, and so it must be."

I too have used numbers in my description of a Godly thing - the creation of the universe - and use of Phi, described as zero and one combined. But this in no way is an attempt to describe God.

One Deist Φ

Finite Force said...

Do to mans attempt to quantify GOD to a form or number this is the reason why we have so many god’s and myths. If we turn to nature, reason and logic we would see by the laws of mathematics one cannot quantify something that is Infinite and I believe this will solve all the problems to all the one true god’s in this world.

I even visited some Deist web-sites and I see them put “one GOD.”

I am a Deist myself and everyone I approach I tell them GOD is unquantifiable and there should be no attempt to do so. To understand what is right or wrong we must turn to nature and trust our GOD given reason to solve our problems.

I'm more on the scientific side when it comes to what is right and what is wrong based on human interaction with the environment. The moral codes are the ones that is the hardest to solve, because now I'm questioning can human feelings and desires be corrupted and if they’re than this proves that we can’t always trust how we feel about a situation to come to a conclusion.