Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living In The Past

As a westerner, I often hear it said that certain countries or regions are living in the past. It's not meant as a put down, but more of an observation, usually describing an area's religion or lack of technology. And it's true ... many religions covering large regions and populations are two or three thousand years old, along with technologies that are on the same par. The commentary usually ends with some remark that the west could bring great technology to those people and make their lives much better. We could enrich their lives with technology for food, water, manufacturing, health care, and so much more.

I realized today that  westerners are the same as all those other people around the world when applied to religion. Almost the entire globe is living in the distant past with faiths that are two or three thousand year old fantasies. Few others but Christianity have even tried - very stubbornly - to reform, attempting to keep up with modernization. Many other faiths proudly boast that their beliefs are unchanged for millennia. Islam, in particular, is stuck with what they have. Their faith dictates that Mohammed was the last prophet and there will be no other; the Koran is the final and literal word of God, and cannot be changed; and anyone who tries to adapt, improve or change this religion in any way, is an "innovator" and will be cursed. Mohammed did very well profoundly imprisoning his followers.

People of revealed religion, ask yourselves,
"Why would God want to repress mankind?!"

Every revealed religion restrains the progress of man to some degree. In what way would God benefit from this? Why would He care? How does it honor God for men and women to not progress and not become the greatest creatures He ever created?!

Deism practically begs mankind to become more tomorrow then we are today. It embraces science and discovery. Deism wants all of us to use our tremendous reasoning skills to advance our lives and the lives of our children. If the whole of mankind would have used these tremendous God given gifts throughout history, I'm certain we would have explored most of the Universe by now. I'm sure our lives would be as rich and fulfilling as the religious dreamers from history had imagined for us in heaven. But there is no scriptural heaven, and what they didn't imagine was that the religion they were creating would actually prevent us from attaining happiness here on earth. Revealed religions stifle us from living up to our full potential, and prevent us from finding peace on earth.

Let's break free of the shackles of revealed religions developed in antiquity, and advance ourselves to levels of humanity that we can't even fathom today. Deism is the perfect religious philosophy in advancing mankind. Deism simply asks that we become everything in our ability to become; that we live up to our absolute full potential.

Let's do amazing things!

One Deist Φ


PoigoSotCoime said...

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NDM said...

I could not agree with you more, very good post.