Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Blog and Forum

Website and forum eventually abandoned. There are lots of great ones still around.
I leave this post up merely for posterity.

Although the new web site is still being built, I have have already activated my new blog and community forum.
This blog has been transferred to my own servers, rather then being hosted here at You will need to change your RSS feed with the link available in the blog to receive new entries. Please click on the following link and add to your bookmarks for the new blog site:

The new community forum is set up and ready to go, albeit a bit barren at the moment. I'd like to invite everyone interested in Deism to come on over, register, and join in the discussions. It's going to be a race to see who will be the very first registrants on the new forum! Discussions will generally be limited to Deism and its promotion, plus there is a large area for general discussions as well. Enjoy our community of like-minded people! Please click on the following link to the forum, and bookmark so you can get back:

To be continued at the new site. See you there!
One Deist Φ

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